Guess who’s beating cancer!?

That’s right! I came back from tests and the chemo has been working! My doctors said the tumor has shrank 90% isn’t that amazing?!?! Haha life’s good! While not completely gone, this is really promising my body has responded the way it has. Chemo has been horrible and kicking my butt some days but light at the end of the tunnel! I am going to stay on chemo and start radiation to go through middle of January. Fingers crossed and prayers said the success keeps going!

BIG thank you to everyone for the prayers, messages, the amazing medical team I have at UofI and Waterloo, The Taylor Morris family and community for the 5k proceeds, the Brazilian Cultural Center in Des Moines for their fundraiser, all of you who have donated or sent me wonderful messages = THANK YOU! I love you all! Big hug and see you on stage soon!

Brazilian 2wins Cantcer