Project Description

In this special remix, we take the classic House of the Rising Sun and give it a modern electronica twist. Filmed in Joshua Tree National Park in California, the ethereal violin and soaring electric production create a mesmerizing backdrop to the outlaws on the hunt.

This electronic remix of the House of the Rising Sun has a gritty, badass edge that will get your feet tapping. Filmed in one of the most beautifully rugged places in the US, this is an immersive experience that you won’t want to miss.

When two lost desert vigilantes stumble upon the House of the Rising Sun, they soon realise that the town is in desperate need of some clean up. Armed with only their determination and a little bit of electricity, they set out to take on the town’s corrupt officials. But will they be able to clean up the town before it’s too late?

Electronic remix of The Animals “House of the Rising Sun” with electric violin, fully produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by us. Video directed, shot and edited by us as well.

HUGE thank you to the amazing Liberty Ranch. Of all our travels over the years, this place is top of our list. BOOK your stay today

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