Project Description

Pink Piano, Drum Pad, Electric violin. After filming our version of “Hallelujah” we drove by and found this amazing building with a bright pink piano inside. We knew we had to do a video there.

Our friend KParyo helped us recreate this catchy tune and our boys Powers Media House filmed in the blistering cold (there was even ice on the piano!) to get these amazing shots and we teamed up with Scissor Films to create some magic on screen.

Awesome violin beat music video.

Directed by B2wins and TC VanHooreweghe
Shot by Powers Media House
Edited by TC VanHooreweghe
VFX by Scissor Films
Post Production Feilmeier Films & B2wins Studios
Track Produced by KParyo
Song Inspired by Violin Beat Visualization
On location in Gary Indiana
Violin by NS Designs