Changing Lives

“We have a desire to change the world; to help others become the best version of themselves they can be. We use our story , our experiences, to inspire and stimulate growth.”

I love the way you did things. You were personal with them and also so relevant. You let THEM ask the questions. Instead of it being big people telling you things, it was ‘What are you thinking about and what can we share with you?'”

Mike Lawler, Principal, Davenport West

This is highly engaging. They utilize technology, music, humor, audience participation – this is an amazing event and you won’t go wrong.”

Charlie Driscoll, Associate Principal, Davenport Central

The reaction is: you guys connected with all 1,300 of our students in one way shape or form. The message came out clear, regardless of what path you’re on.

Dr. Aspleaf, Principal

The Brazilian 2wins are able to engage all students in learning and making music. Their energy, knowledge, and excitement is contagious! Our students have a wide variety of skill levels and musical knowledge – the Brazilian 2wins are able to tailor each presentation to fit the age, developmental, and motivational needs of each group throughout the day.

Nick McGrath, Middle School Music Teacher

Engaging & Relatable

By utilizing music, humor, audience interaction and participation, Walter & Wagner are able to connect with audiences in never before seen ways. Their magnetic personalities and sincerity, coupled with engaging showmanship, create a dynamite package that is equal parts fun and life changing. Using their story of overcoming extreme adversity through positivity, the Twins have inspired thousands of all ages and backgrounds around the world.


Unforgettable Seminars and Workshops

From middle school music workshops and high school general assemblies to college orientations and corporate keynotes – no two events are the same. Each message is tailored to fit the audience and intended learning outcome.  Instead of talking to audience members,  Walter and Wagner focus on having a conversation with attendees. This give and take approach yields powerful dialogue that can take the speaking event to new heights.


Customized Outcomes

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