What makes an event truly memorable
is how your guests feel…

One year from now, what will they remember?
Unforgettable entertainment leaves a long-lasting impact.
B2wins open for Smash Mouth Des Moines Iowa
B2wins 2019 Headliner Fireworks Celebration



What makes an event truly memorable is how your guests feel…

One year from now, what will they remember? Unforgettable entertainment leaves a long-lasting impact.


Equally as important – is professionalism. After all, your entertainment is representing your company. We have been doing corporate events around the world for over 15 years. We understand the nuances of an event, and the importance of showing up, dressing up, and delivering to make you look like a Rockstar. With us on the scene, we personally guarantee your event’s increased success. 500 Event planners can’t be wrong.

“The B2wins are a total experience. Get ready for an energetic, high-flying, confetti-launching, break-dancing, costume covered, uplifting, bright, colorful, fantasy-filled 90-minute ride that rivals that of multi-million dollar nationally touring artists. Whether it is original music or a mix of crafty renditions, the B2wins Festival show is one you won’t soon forget.”


Cocktail Hour



From elegant ceremony serenades as you walk down the aisle to high energy, non-stop dance party receptions. We started playing in weddings with our orchestra in Brazil at age 12. In Brazil, we have no winters, so weddings happen year-round, 7 days/week. We estimate we have performed in over 1,000 weddings. Rest assured, with us on the scene you are getting the best. Let us help make your special day even more unforgettable.





We have been doing formal events around the world for the past fifteen years. From politicians and presidents to non-profits and fundraisers. We understand how sensitive an event atmosphere is. We are conscious of space, volume, mood, atmosphere, and audience demographics at all times. This allows us to create that perfect performance that adds value to your event.
We are not a “band” in the traditional sense of the word. We understand that at your event, we are representing you. We dress up, show up early, and stay longer if plans change and our sole mission is to leave your guests with something they will always remember.
The most difficult aspect of selecting entertainment for an event is finding something everyone will like. Genre-specific groups will leave most of your guests left out. Rooted in classical and jazz, we have modernized our sound to incorporate contemporary sounds resulting in professionally sounding, easy-listening, fun music. We also understand the importance of dynamics. Entertainment must have ebbs and flows, span genres, and sound familiar to hook your guests while being unique enough that they will always remember. Feel free to turn things up a notch or two, with over four hours of high-energy pop, classic rock, reggae, jam fusion, and funk to select while being as background or center stage as your event calls for. We can have your guests tapping their toes at the table or up on stage dancing with us.

“Show Stopping Geniuses!!!!! 5 stars???? more like 5 million stars for this group!!!! There is no other band like them in the world, and this is coming from a self-proclaimed music enthusiast. Their range of musical talent extends from classical to modern-day pop/rock/hip hop. Please do not make the mistake of calling them a cover band….they have way more talent, enthusiasm, energy, charisma, and instrumental genius than you have to see in person. Using classical instruments like the violin and ukelele, they rock out to all the modern top 40 hits you hear on the radio.

Not only can they rival classical musicians with their skill, but they can also transform your wedding ceremony into the most magical venue your guests will have ever attended. Playing classical tunes through the aisles of the church, our guests were immediately silenced by the notes echoing throughout the church walls. I am told there was a buzz about who these guys were in the church, many of them dying to know their names.

Fast forward to the cocktail hour and the 2wins continued to awe our guests with just 2 string instruments. By this time, my parents had received dozens of requests about how we found them and who they were. Their talent is truly undeniable and no amount of flowers, lights, or candles can create a lasting and memorable day as they can.

But they weren’t done yet, they hit the stage for the reception and lights out….killed it!!!! In all the weddings I have attended, I have never seen a dance floor overflow with guests on the first song! They had the dance floor packed all night from age 4 to 94!!!

The booking process was seamlessly easy. Their manager TC is awesome to work with, very prompt and timely with emails, and will relay every last wish of yours to the group and they will more than deliver on your day. I promise you can’t even begin to comprehend what they will add to your day. Coming from a super type A planner that had every last second of the day planned out, I was just utterly blown away and my already high expectations were shattered to far more than I could have dreamed!!!!

Book them now because I have no doubt one day they will be unobtainable for something so simple as a wedding. You absolutely will not regret your decision!!!!”

Amber M

Omaha, Nebraska

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